Trouble Concentrating?

Bring your life back into balance!

One may hear well but listen poorly. Children or adults who cannot sufficiently concentrate on their work long enough to complete the tasks at hand suffer attention deficit.

Depending on one’s emotional state, sounds heard by the ear may not be correctly analysed by the brain. Under stress the brain may protect itself through various disorders such as lack of concentration, forgetfulness, hyperactivity and even depression. Attention deficiency is costly for adults in professional and personal areas of their life and often causes considerable suffering for a child in a school setting. Well-tuned listening is an essential component for well-being.

The Tomatis® Method can help the brain develop automatic mechanisms for detecting subtle changes which reinforce selective attention, memory and general well-being.

The Tomatis Method® Tomatis and Forbrain technology are useful tools in bringing balance back into one’s life.Forbrain