Jeltje Gordon-Lennox

Psychotherapist & Supervisor
Psychotherapist ASP
Therapist and Specialist in Systems Interventions
Tools: EMDR, Tomatis, Forbrain, etc.
Swiss Association of Psychotherapists Association (ASP)
European Family Therapy Association (EFTA)

Education & Research
Trainer in ritual practice and researcher in ritual studies
Guest lecturer: University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, NL

Crafting Secular Rituals. A Practical GuideCrafting Secular Ritual: A Practical Guide
(2017) Jessica Kingsley Publishers – London/Philadelphia


Emerging Ritual in Secular Societies: A Transdisciplinary Conversation (2017) Jessica Kingsley Publishers – London/Philadelphia

See books in French here

First Secular Ceremony in 2000

Mourir sans ceremonie ?Trainer
Trainer of Professional Celebrants (2006-present)

Organised Colloquy on Funerals, Geneva (2011)
Ashoka Education for children and adults (2002-2011)
Symposiums at University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht, NL) (2015, 2017)
presentations: EFTA conference – Paris (2010), University of Fribourg (2010)

Founder of AnamCara Project (2008 / 2011)
Co-Founder of the platform for professional (2006)
Ashoka Association (2002)

Trained with Rabbi Gelberman (NYC – USA)
Adult education (EDUQUA)
Trained with Mony Elkam
Master of Divinity, McCormick Theological Seminary (USA)
Bachelor of Arts, Calvin College (university, USA)

Languages: English, Français, Español, Português
Nationality: Swiss