Jeltje Gordon-Lennox

Jeltje has written a number of books in English and French about contemporary secular ritual practice and the role of the senses in ritualising. She is also a psychotherapist with expertise in the fields of psychotraumatology and world religions. Jeltje lives in Switzerland with her jazz musician husband and their two children. She enjoys music, theatre, modern art, reading fiction, hiking and k-dramas.

Psychotherapist & Supervisor
Psychotherapist ASP
Therapist and Specialist in Systems Interventions
Tools: EMDR, Forbrain, etc.
Swiss Association of Psychotherapists Association (ASP)
European Family Therapy Association (EFTA)

Education & Research
Trainer in ritual practice and researcher in ritual studies
Guest lecturer: University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, NL

Crafting Secular Rituals. A Practical GuideCrafting Secular Ritual: A Practical Guide
(2017) Jessica Kingsley Publishers – London/Philadelphia

Emerging Ritual in Secular Societies: A Transdisciplinary Conversation (2017) Jessica Kingsley Publishers – London/Philadelphia

See books in French here

First Secular Ceremony in 2000

Mourir sans ceremonie ?Trainer
Trainer of Professional Celebrants (2006-present)

Organised Colloquy on Funerals, Geneva (2011)
Ashoka Education for children and adults (2002-2011)
Symposiums at University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht, NL) (2015, 2017)
presentations: EFTA conference – Paris (2010), University of Fribourg (2010)

Founder of AnamCara Project (2008 / 2011)
Co-Founder of the platform for professional (2006)
Ashoka Association (2002)

Trained with Rabbi Gelberman (NYC – USA)
Adult education (EDUQUA)
Trained with Mony Elkam
Master of Divinity, McCormick Theological Seminary (USA)
Bachelor of Arts, Calvin College (university, USA)

Languages: English, Français, Español, Português
Nationality: Swiss